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Cta Man

Cairngorm Mountain - Freedom of Information

Cairngorm Mountain is an environmental and economic asset for Scotland. It plays a key role in underpinning the local tourism industry, which is a vital component of the economy around Aviemore and Strathspey.

Cairngorm Mountain 

In response to public interest, we publish a wide range of information on Cairngorm into a single resource, which you can access through the links below. 


Please note for some of the documents listed above information has been redacted where that information constitutes personal data, this is because disclosure would breach one or more of the data protection principles. Other information may also be redacted in line with both Environmental Information (Scotland) Regulations 2004 and Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 regulations.

Cairngorm funicular

Viaduct investigations and strengthening proposals

Specialist engineering consultancy COWI was appointed to carry out detailed investigations of the viaduct supporting the 1.8km Cairngorm funicular in 2018-19.

COWI’s first report, in December 2018, identified failings in different parts of the viaduct, including foundations, piers and beams. Bearings also appeared to be overloaded, with some significantly displaced and sliding beyond their limits. The 2018 report was peer-reviewed in line with best practice.

An addendum to COWI’s first report was delivered to HIE In April 2019 and a further scope of works was agreed to develop a concept strengthening scheme.

In June 2019, COWI delivered a viaduct strengthening report, comprising outline proposals to support HIE in preparing a costed programme for remedial works to allow the funicular service to operate safely again, subject to planning consent and business case approval. As such, the report includes some design details and preliminary cost estimates that were subsequently revised and superseded as further information was gathered and more detailed plans were developed.

Cairngorm Mountain - a vision for 2030

Feasibility assessment and strategic plan

HIE commissioned US-based consultants SE Group in 2018 to study Cairngorm’s potential as a premier Scottish ski centre and visitor attraction, and identify potential investments that would maximise its drawing power and contribution to the local economy. 

In light of this, SE Group were asked to review their findings and address immediate priorities for investment at Cairngorm while the funicular is not running.

SE Group’s new findings, published here as an addendum to their original report, again focus on investments with the greatest potential impact to improve the visitor experience and generate more business.

Please note that under the Environmental Information (Scotland) Regulations 2004 (“EIRs”), Regulations 10(5)(c) (intellectual property) and 10(5)(e) (confidentiality)  the Drivetime report has been removed from Appendix 2, this Experian report can be can be obtained from Experian on commercial terms by contacting Experian at Riverleen House, Electric Avenue, Nottingham, NG80 1RH. Tel: 0115 901 600 or at www.uk.experian.com



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