If you have any questions about trading with Ukraine or Russia, the Find Business Support website has the latest updates and links to further support.


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Where we're investing

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Exterior of entrance and signs to Malin House on the European Marine Science Park

Where we're investing

We publish our funding approval lists quarterly every year. They show where we’ve invested and which businesses, social enterprises and communities we’ve helped across the region.

View our most recent approvals below: 

2021 funding approvals

2020 funding approvals

2019 funding approvals

2018 funding approvals

2017 funding approvals

2016 funding approvals 

Account managed clients and those who have a strategic relationship with HIE

We will publish a list of our Account Managed Clients and those clients which have a strategic relationship with HIE. View our most recent client list below.

Contact us

If you have a query relating to our approvals, please email customer.service@hient.co.uk


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