Stimulating housing development in the Highlands and Islands

Housing plays a key role in supporting sustainable communities and economic growth in the Highlands and Islands. Given the complex interplay of factors required to address the challenges of housing development, HIE undertook research to better understand the market failure, and consider what needs to be in place to address it. 

The study was undertaken by Ipsos MORI in partnership with Anna Evans and Mandy Littlewood of the Indigo House Group, both specialists in housing policy, strategy and analysis. It involved extensive desk research and consultation with a range of stakeholders (including housing providers, house builders, community groups and relevant public sector bodies) to provide insight into challenges and potential solutions in addressing housing issues in the region. A range of case studies were also developed to illustrate different models of housing development and innovative solutions where development has been constrained.

HIE will work in collaboration with public and private sector stakeholders to address some of the issues identified in the study.

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