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HIE Business Panel Survey 2021

Our Business Panel is a group of businesses and social enterprises from across the region who have agreed to take part in regular surveys for HIE. Each survey includes core questions on economic optimism, business performance and growth aspirations, and also explores relevant topical issues.

Each survey helps HIE monitor business confidence, economic optimism and identify challenges or opportunities that are currently presenting themselves across the region. As panel membership is representative of the Highlands and Islands business population, it provides a strong evidence base that facilitates robust regional, sub-regional and sectoral analysis. 

Panel surveys are undertaken by Ipsos MORI on our behalf. 

This latest report ‘Looking beyond recovery from COVID-19’, published in September 2021, presents findings from the survey carried out in June 2021. As well as exploring economic and regional confidence, the survey sought to understand the current operating status of businesses, confidence in their ongoing viability and how they are innovating and responding to change. It also looked at supply chain and export issues, workforce challenges and how businesses use different modes of transport. It is the 19th Highlands and Islands Business Panel survey commissioned by HIE since 2014.


Our previous 2021 report, ‘Responding to Economic Challenge’ was published in March 2021 and presented findings from a survey carried out in February 2021.

Find out more about our Business Panel, view earlier reports and sign-up if you'd like your views included in the next survey.

About our Business Panel


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