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Digital diabetes monitor

Medical technologies

Transforming healthcare and medical advances


The dispersed population and unique geography of the Highlands and Islands makes it the ideal location to develop, test and trial new and innovative technologies in digital healthcare. Digital technologies can remove the need for patients to travel to hospital and allow them to manage long term conditions more effectively, while reducing costs for the healthcare system. 

Often digital healthcare goes hand in hand with medical technologies: a physical device measures something and the generated data is analysed by a software which results in faster or more tailored treatment. For example, people living with diabetes use a monitoring device to keep an eye on their blood sugar levels -  and they can keep track of their measurements and control the device with a mobile app.

Medical technologies are transforming how healthcare is delivered and help to test and diagnose at the place of patient care - may it be the hospital bed, the GP practice or their home. 


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employees at Lifescan one of the country's largest life sciences companies


national NHS reference laboratories


NHS departments offering 'Near Me' clinics across region


dedicated research nurses at the Highland Clinical Research Facility

CorporateHealth International

Find out more about the Danish company providing an innovative service for a tried and tested technology.

CorporateHealth International

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Ground-breaking work carried out in the Highlands and Islands is being evaluated by NHS Scotland and the Digital Health Institute.

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Colon Capsule that can visualise small bowel and/or colon with an ingestible video camera


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