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Crofting is a form of land tenure, unique to the Highlands and Islands of Scotland, which forms a vital part of our regional economy.

As well as the strong links from agriculture to other key sectors in the rural economy, most notably tourism, food and drink, crofters often play a central role in managing assets for the benefit of the whole community. Our role is to unlock the potential of rural communities and help create a strong, diverse and sustainable economy where quality of life is matched by quality of opportunity.

We work with partners who support individual crofters and crofting activity. They include the Crofting Commission, Scottish Government (in particular the Rural Payments and Inspections Directorate), Business Gateway and Scottish Natural Heritage.

For crofting communities developing community energy plans, partners include the Scottish Government, Scottish Investment Bank (REIF) and Community Energy Scotland.

The administration of crofting grants for individual crofters will be delivered directly by the Scottish Government through the SRDP including the Croft House Grant.

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The Crofting Reform Act 2007 introduced the ability for new crofts to be created and for crofts to be put to a 'purposeful use' other than cultivation. It’s now possible to create crofts from existing woodlands and create business opportunities.

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The Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003 gives crofting communities the right to acquire and control the croft land where they live and work, and to acquire the interest of the tenant in tenanted land.

Crofting Community Right to Buy

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Scottish Land Fund

The Scottish Land Fund provides funding for community organisations across Scotland to own land, buildings and other assets.

Community Right to Buy Fund

We have up to £5,000 available to help communities investigate the ownership, register an interest and apply to purchase land and buildings through our Community Right to Buy Fund.


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