Climate change is one of the greatest threats the world’s population faces. We need to act now in both our personal and professional lives to ensure we are all working towards global net zero targets.

Direct positive impacts for businesses and communities

As well as the benefits to our planet, starting a journey towards net zero can have a direct, positive impact on your business and community. Simple steps like improving energy efficiency, streamlining processes, and reducing waste can also improve your bottom line. You may open the door to new customers, investment, and to fresh talented employees who want to be involved with green enterprises.

Are you on the net zero journey?

Here's how we can help

We have a range of support available to help business, social enterprises and communities transition to net zero.  

If you’re looking to change how you do something, invest in new products or processes, or create new jobs to help you transition, our support could be just what you need.

HIE's Innovation Service

The positive thing about innovation is its flexibility - it can be applied to any part of your business and delivers a host of wide-ranging advantages. We can match fund up to £100,000 of project costs through our innovation service.

R&D funding

Our Research and Development (R&D) grant funding can help you develop new products, processes and services. This funding is discretionary and all sizes of businesses are eligible.

HIE and Zero Waste Scotland

Get support through our partnership with Zero Waste Scotland to become more 'circular' and use resources more effectively within your business and cut costs.

Scottish Manufacturing Advisory Service

SMAS can help you lower the cost of doing business by reducing capital, energy, labour and raw material costs.

Need to know more about starting your journey to net zero?

Net Zero Toolkit

The Net Zero Toolkit by Edinburgh Science is a free, comprehensive and scientifically sound toolkit that can support your journey to net zero.

Net Zero Toolkit

How to measure your emissions

The Scottish Business Climate Collaboration suite of resources includes online learning resources and carbon tools to help you measure your carbon footprint.

SBCC Climate Action Hub

Make the commitment

One of the first things you can do is make a commitment to reach net zero. By registering you'll be able to access a wide range of information to help you. Pledge your support here:

UK SME climate hub

Our Net Zero Heroes

Businesses and communities from across the Highlands and Islands are leading the way towards a sustainable future. 

Every change, whether large or small helps. Meet just a few of our region's #netzeroheroes who are already leading change in sectors like energy, tourism and food and drink, who are protecting our natural resources, and who are improving efficiency and sustainability in businesses and communities. 

Net Zero Heroes

Additional information and resources

You can explore additional support from our partners below, and find out more about why making the transition to net zero is important.

Partner support

Net Zero resources


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