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Fair work programme - specialist advice for employers


Are you a fair work employer?

Do you know what it means to be a fair work employer and what benefits it can bring for your workforce and organisation? 

We’re offering specialist support to organisations to become fair work employers. 

Our programme will ensure you’re up to speed with ways to develop the culture, policies and practices that balance worker's and employer's rights and responsibilities.

Who's eligible?

You are eligible if you are a business or a social enterprise based in the Highlands and Islands Enterprise area.

What is the format? 

The support is provided by expert advisers and consists of a 2-hour training workshop, followed by a one-to-one session. You’ll receive a fair work action plan tailored to your organisation.

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Fair work support

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About fair work

Fair Work aims to balance the rights and responsibilities of employers and workers and generates mutual benefits for individuals, organisations and society.

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Fair Work Support Tool

The Fair Work Convention, Scottish Government and partners have developed a tool to help employers understand and fully embed the dimensions of Fair Work.


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