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What is Fair Work?

Fair Work aims to balance the rights and responsibilities of employers and workers and generates mutual benefits for individuals, organisations and society, such as increased participation in work; improved productivity in the workplace, and wider distribution of wealth within local communities.

Set up in 2016, the Fair Work Convention in Scotland set out a helpful Framework explaining the dimensions of fair work and how they can be achieved. They are:

  • Effective voice: effective channels of communication in workplaces along with a safe environment
    that enable workers to contribute to discussions, be listened to and make a difference, promoting
    an environment of employee engagement.
  • Opportunity: ensuring that everyone who wants to can access work and, in work, can develop
    and progress.
  • Security: including stability and predictability of employment, working time and
  • Fulfilment: developing and utilising skills, career advancement and employee engagement.
  • Respect: ensuring workers are respected in terms of, for example, health, wellbeing and safety
    regardless of their role or status. 

The vision of the Fair Work Convention

By 2025, people in Scotland will have a world-leading working life where fair work drives success, wellbeing and prosperity for individuals, businesses, organisations and for society.

Employer support tool

The enterprise and skills agencies, in conjunction with the Scottish Government and the Fair Work Convention, have developed a tool to help employers understand and fully embed the dimensions of Fair Work. It will support you to take the next step on your Fair Work journey.

Access the Fair Work tool



Fair Work employer support tool

This tool will help you to progress fair work within your organisation.

Access the Fair Work tool


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