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New report on COVID impacts

Published: 18/09/2020

HIE has published a new report into the impacts of COVID-19 on the Highlands and Islands.

Martin Johnson HIE director of strategy and regional economy
Martin Johnson, HIE's interim director of strategy and regional economy. Credit Paul Campbell/HIE

The report shows a disproportionate impact on the region compared with other parts of the country, including a forecast decline in GDP of between £1.5bn and £2.6bn.

Martin Johnson, HIE’s interim director of strategy and regional economy, said:

“As the region’s economic and community development agency, we undertake and publish research and analysis on key issues.

“This report, therefore, builds on the information we have previously published on the different ways in which covid-19 has been affecting the region’s economy.

“It will form part of the region’s voice, feeding into the national picture and help inform our approach to supporting businesses and communities during the recovery.

“As anticipated, the report shows the road to recovery is a long one. This underlines the need to collaborate and innovate, and to draw on the many strengths this region has.

“Natural assets such as the marine economy, for example, are expected to generate many new economic opportunities in relation to the green recovery and drive towards the net-zero targets. It’s crucial that businesses, communities, academic institutions and the public sector work together to make the most of these opportunities and rebuild our region’s economy.”

‘The Impact of COVID-19 on the Highlands and Islands’ report is available on the Research & Reports page of HIE’s website.


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