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Support for new social enterprise development ideas

Published: 19/10/2018

HIE is supporting the fourth round of LaunchMe, an accelerator programme for start-up social enterprises.

The agency is offering funding to successful social enterprises in the Highlands and Islands successfully applying to the scheme to support their development proposals. Applications close on November 5.

Anne MacDonald, Head of Social Enterprise Development, explains why HIE is supporting the initiative:

At a recent event I came across of the term ‘accidental manager’ and it made me think how many times in life (both work and home life) do we find ourselves in situations by accident. 

This is particularly true in the area of social/community enterprise, where frequently after speaking up at an event you find you’re now the chair/leader of the organisation. 

Likewise, you may have a great business idea that will help address a social issue and are driven by that social outcome to take it forward, but then you find yourself lost in all the business stuff you need to know or do to deliver your social outcome. 

The LaunchMe initiative is designed to progress great social enterprise ideas, but avoid the ‘accidental manager’ situation. It provides business support and advice at a pace that suits the business development, as well helping you find social investment to develop and accelerate its development.”

If you have a social enterprise in the region and are thinking about how you can scale up your social impacts then come along, or contact Firstport for more information