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Wave energy project awarded £2.5m

Published: 01/03/2018

An innovative project in Scotland to develop a system that converts wave movement into electricity has been awarded £2.5m by HIE subsidiary, Wave Energy Scotland (WES).

The magnetic gear project is led by Banchory-based Ecosse Subsea Systems in collaboration with Bathwick Electrical Design Ltd, Supply Design Ltd and Pure Marine Gen Ltd. The University of Edinburgh and Applied Renewables Research Ltd have been sub-contracted to provide additional support.

The project has been selected by WES for the final stage of its Power Take Off (PTO) programme, aimed at developing solutions to convert the movement of waves into electricity. The system is being developed to suit a variety of wave energy converters.

The Scottish Government’s Minister for Business, Innovation and Energy, Paul Wheelhouse said:

“Sustained funding from the Scottish Government has allowed Wave Energy Scotland to provide opportunities for Scottish companies such as Ecosse Subsea Systems and Supply Design to participate in this unique initiative and develop the disruptive technologies that will shape our low carbon future.

“Our well regarded and globally significant Wave Energy Scotland programme allows for strategic collaboration and mutual support between organisations in Scotland and elsewhere.

“This gives Scotland the strongest possible opportunity to develop these emerging technologies, and to win the economic prize that will flow from being the global centre of excellence for wave energy technology development.”

Tim Hurst, WES Managing Director, said: “I am delighted to see Ecosse Subsea Systems’ innovative project reach the final stages of the programme. It’s this kind of innovation and collaboration that is behind Scotland’s status as a global leader in the development of wave energy technology.

“This project has the very real potential to result in a robust system for harnessing wave movement and converting it to electricity. Crucially, it will be capable of surviving harsh marine conditions and compatible with a wide variety of wave devices. We very much look forward to following its progress.”

Michael Cowie, ESS Technical Director, said: “Ecosse Subsea Systems warmly welcomes the opportunity to contribute to developing wave energy technology for Scotland. We believe the efficiency and reliability advantages of our PTO system are critical to producing wave energy converters that are cost competitive with other renewable energy technologies.  WES’ funding will support the development and demonstration the PTO system on a Wave Energy Converter in real-sea conditions - enabling our collaboration to secure investment for the commercialisation of the technology."

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