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DataFest18 - Showcasing Scotland's place on the Global Data Stage

Published: 26/01/2018

HIE is co-ordinating a DataFest18 Highlands and Islands Fringe event. It's bringing together a wide variety of partners who will share how data can be used in real ways - both in business and by communities. See what's on and book a place at one of the events here.

Here Gillian Docherty, CEO of The Data Lab shares her thoughts on data and the Festival. DataFest18 takes place throughout Scotland 19-23 March.

Every aspect of our lives today is data-driven. Being technically savvy is the new norm. From downloading music, to tracking our exercise and ordering the weekly shop, through to crime prevention and medical diagnosis.

Data provides a wealth of opportunities and can be a strategic asset in trade, competition and innovation. Whether using historic or real-time data that’s generated through supply chains, production processes or customer behaviours, an organisation has much to gain by analysing the wealth of information they have at their fingertips. It’s also worth an estimated £20bn to the Scottish economy.

That is why at The Data Lab, we do everything in our power to help Scotland realise the full potential of data.

Data Fest 18, the second outing for The Data Lab festival, will support ‘data warriors’, whatever their core profession or industry, by providing inspiration, tools and leadership skills to make a difference. The festival will run from 19th to 23rd of March encompassing a talent event, an international summit and, crucially, numerous fringe events across Scotland including a number in Inverness which underline how data is a catalyst for positive change in your local area.

The theme for the festival is data driven innovation with a special focus on collaboration. Working across different sectors is key to supporting Scotland’s data warriors. By bringing diverse industries, expertise and data together, the huge potential of data can be realised through the disruption across sectors - all areas, from personal health to smart transport, from shopping to energy efficiency, from business to public services and beyond.

Last year DataFest attracted over 2,500 participants from 64 countries and 450 organisations and was praised for the quality of its speakers, diversity of its events and the inspiration it sparked. Most importantly it helped underline Scotland’s leadership on the global data stage. We are looking forward to building on that success this year. We look forward to welcoming you to Data Fest 18.

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