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It’s HIE time to innovate

Published: 14/02/2018

Innovation Campaign Set to Ignite Businesses in the Highlands and Islands.

This Friday we’re launching our ‘HIE time to innovate’ #HIEtime campaign.

Kick starting on Innovation Day (February 16), we’re dedicating 24-hours to innovation and urging dynamic businesses in the region to find out how our innovation services can benefit them.

The campaign builds on the successful work of our Innovation Team. In the past two years the team has supported more than 500 local companies, awarded 30 small business grants, directly increased turnover through its funding by £2.2m and boosted employment by almost 80.  

Oban-based Crùbag, a textile company inspired by marine research and oceans, is one of those businesses whose innovation journey has been enriched by HIE’s support.

Owner and founder, Jessica Giannotti shares some of her story here.

“HIE has always been on my side from the very beginning. I’ve benefited from their courses, mentorship, network introductions and small grant funding. It’s been a generous, very human, informative experience. An essential one too, as often businesses are left to fend for them themselves but partnering with HIE gives you that extra edge.”

As a vehement advocate of innovation, Giannotti is fully behind the ‘HIE time to innovate’ #HIE time campaign. She believes innovation is a crucial factor in business growth:

“For me innovation is something that should always be present in our business discussions. If we don’t solve problems we become stagnant.”

Starting on Friday 16 February, with 24-hours dedicated to innovation, ‘HIE time to innovate’ #HIEtime will roll out a number of campaign initiatives, ranging from digital content provided by online experts, peer influencers and industry leaders to hyper localised events delivering networking opportunities to local communities.

The campaign will be underpinned by HIE’s core innovation offering which provides:

  • Funding | For businesses working in the Highlands and Islands, with no more than 250 employers, up to £15,000 of funding can be offered through HIE’s Small Innovation Grant Scheme.
  • Expert Advice | HIE’s Innovation Enquiry Service provides access to experienced advisors who can help decide on the best course of action for businesses to move their project forward.
  • Support | Through HIE’s Innovation Clinics, its team of innovation specialists offer group and one-to-one sessions to businesses.
  • Direction | For further support HIE provides 1-2 days of Specialist Innovation Support with skilled consultants to provide detailed strategy assistance.

Businesses looking to sign up to access HIE’s innovation services can visit  

HIE 24-hour Innovation Hotline

When: 16 February, midnight to midnight

What: hotline providing expert info on what funding and innovation resources are available from HIE

Call: 0300 013 5041


HIE Innovation Expert Consultations

When: Monday 19 February to Friday 23 February

What: one on one support through consultations with the opportunity to apply for funding

Call: 0300 013 5041 to book your session


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