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Blockchain and internet of things to be explained at interactive Inverness event

Published: 04/12/2018

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency technologies have revolutionised online trading and spending, raising questions about existing economic models, but how many of us truly understand them?

Highlands and Islands Enterprise is hosting a free interactive workshop and seminar in Inverness on 5 December to bring these concepts to life and explain what they mean in practice. Taking place at the #hellodigital workshop space at Inverness Campus hosted by HIE, the workshop starts at 10.30, and the seminar (which can be streamed online), begins at 13.30.

Led by Professor Chris Speed, Programme Director of Design Informatics at University of Edinburgh, the event will represent how the blockchain works by using physical Lego blocks. Participants in the Lego BlockExchange will look at different ways of trading, starting from the basic acquisition of resources, through a fluctuating market and finally exploring peer-to-peer trading of value. 

After the workshop, Prof. Speed will deliver a seminar on design informatics – looking at what happens when objects connected to the internet of things are given spending power, and what it means for humanity.

Prof. Speed said: “The BlockExchange workshop is designed to make people think in new ways about how we exchange value and to bring blockchain and cryptocurrency to life by simulating it through physical exchange.

“It has real-life implications for how not only we trade, but how our internet-connected objects like televisions or even coffee machines can exchange values for services or products. 

“The revolution of digital currency and trade looks unlikely to slow down, and as the network of connected technologies expands beyond phones and computers to other everyday items, it’s more important than ever to understand how the technologies work and their implications for all of us.”

April Conroy, #hellodigital’s Project Manager, said: “The unrelenting pace of technological progress can be daunting, but when it is understood and embraced, it can present huge commercial opportunities for businesses.

“#hellodigital is bringing together leading experts in the fields of digital innovation to help businesses in the Highlands and Islands capitalise on new technologies.”

To secure a free place at the event, or register to watch online, go to


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