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Internet of Things to benefit Highlands and Islands businesses

Published: 31/08/2018

The three-year project will provide a wireless sensor network to collect data from devices and send that data without the need for 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi. This will help businesses develop innovative applications and change the way they work to become more efficient and more effective.

Examples include use of smart bins that inform local authorities when they need emptied. This ensures efficient use of bin lorries and reduces carbon emissions.

The network could also monitor buildings, helping to save energy, reduce carbon footprints and cut costs.

HIE is investing £30,000 in IoT Scotland. Other funders are Scottish Government, Scottish Enterprise and internet technology firm, Boston Networks.

Carroll Buxton, regional development director at HIE, said:

“We want businesses and communities right across the Highlands and Islands to benefit from this national investment in connectivity, which is key to inclusive growth. 

“We will continue raising awareness of the benefits of digital technologies, encouraging digital innovation and supporting rural businesses to exploit digital opportunities. 

“Over the next three years, as IoT Scotland takes shape, we will be working with national and local partners, including Boston Networks, Scottish Enterprise and CENSIS, to deliver digital demonstration and showcase activities.”

The full Scottish Government announcement about IoT Scotland is at

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