Aseptium specialises in cutting-edge medical decontamination equipment from its new base on Inverness Campus

member of Aseptium team examines kit in the lab

Ahead of the decontamination curve

Aseptium is leading the way in the decontamination of complex surgical instruments that are extremely difficult to clean, disinfect and sterilise. With the rise in antibiotic resistance and infections caught in hospitals, along with other factors such as the growth in intricate surgical instruments, this is a vital aspect of healthcare that can have serious consequences. Aseptium is ahead of the curve globally with its pioneering range of decontamination washers.

The company was set up by design engineer Pawel de Sternberg Stojalowski, who has over 10 years’ experience in developing decontamination devices. Now based on Inverness Campus, Pawel chose to relocate Aseptium from Essex to be part of the growing cluster of life science companies, academics and organisations based in the area.

“We share HIE’s vision for a spirit of collaboration at the Campus, and I’m enjoying being part of it so much,” says Pawel. “It’s a unique set-up here, with academics, the public and private sector working together and sharing knowledge and facilities on a daily basis. It’s very much about creating connections with others – we help them, and they help us. It’s been the ideal place to grow our company, and has opened up so many opportunities for us.

As a HIE account-managed company, Aseptium has found HIE’s support invaluable in many ways, including setting up excellent opportunities and events and support with funding.

“We’ve secured a HIE grant, which will help us particularly as we move from the research and development phase into market entry,” explains Pawel. “HIE has also been very proactive in opening our eyes to different opportunities locally and facilitating collaboration between various stakeholders to make new high-level connections. For example, they put us in touch with ScotGrad, who helped us source the best talent when we recently recruited two graduates.”

The team at Aseptium is steadily growing, and as the company develops, it expects to expand further, bringing good-quality jobs to the Inverness area.

The Campus has opened up incredible opportunities for sharing knowledge, skills and facilities. With so many experts in the vicinity, we can tap into very broad expertise and build relationships on a really personal level.
Pawel de Sternberg Stojalowski , Managing Director , Aseptium Limited

Aseptium has worked closely with many others since moving to the Campus, including the University of the Highlands and Islands, HIE and the NHS Research, Development and Innovation team. “In Inverness, we have lots of people and companies keen to work together, and make introductions. At Aseptium, we have an open door policy on sharing equipment and facilities, which is a real win-win scenario – we share ideas and equipment with others, as well as carrying out joint research,” explains Pawel.

“In particular, the NHS Research, Development and Innovation Team has been a phenomenal support – they really understand what we’re trying to do and have put us in touch with other organisations. For example, they introduced us to the University of Edinburgh. We are now working with the university on a large, important piece of research into why biofilm forms on the inside of endoscopes. Endoscopes are used for diagnoses of the gut and bowel, and they’re incredibly complex instruments. This international study could lead to solving a lot of problems.

“We’re so happy to be part of this collaborative cluster from the very early days. It means we can not only benefit from the expertise and resources in such close vicinity, but we’re able to help shape the vision for the future, too.”

Pawel chose to relocate Aseptium from Essex to be part of the growing cluster of life science companies, academics and organisations based in the area. He has big ideas for the future: “I’m so excited to be part of the growing life sciences hub here, and am keen to help it to thrive. My vision is to intensify international collaboration. I want to take the approach we have here and facilitate collaboration on a broader level with global companies and organisations, so we feel part of the wider world – creating an interconnected global community here. We’re already working on realising that vision.”

Looking through glass door to Aseptium lab in Aurora House, Inverness Campus

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