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Strategy and operating plan

Our Strategy and Operating plan details how we will invest to support sustainable and inclusive growth in the Highlands and Islands.


This three-year strategy sets out our ambition for each and every part of the Highlands and Islands. The opportunities are immense.

Our vision and priorities aim to harness our region’s potential, working closely with our local, regional and national partners. HIE will provide a strong voice for the region, making sure our opportunities and needs are understood. We will work tirelessly to address them whether through our direct support or through our influence and leadership. Opportunities and needs vary across our area and inclusive growth is central to our strategy.

Increasing population and incomes, while reducing isolation and inequalities can only be achieved through such an approach. We will prioritise investments that achieve the longer-term impacts required, including those which support Scotland’s ambitious climate change targets.

The Enterprise and Skills Strategic Board and the Scottish Government have set out a clear vision for sustainable and inclusive economic growth for Scotland. We are ready and eager to make a significant contribution to that vision. We will combine our leadership, enthusiasm and experience with that of our partners to develop our region and provide opportunities for those that live, work, study and do business here.

Read more in our Strategy and Operating Plan 2019-2022 - English

Read more in our Strategy and Operating Plan 2019-2022 - Gaelic

Our Operating Plan

You can find more information about our current focus:

Operating Plan 2021 - English

Operating Plan 2021 - Gaelic


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