Senior staff salaries

In line with Scottish Government guidelines we publish the name, pay grade and salary of senior staff  (equivalent to Senior Civil Service Grade 2 and above). Our Senior Leadership Team data is noted below. 

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Staff salaries 2020

The information provided below is correct as of December 31 2020.

Name Title Grade Salary band Comment
Charlotte Wright Chief Executive n/a £115,000 - £119,999 n/a
Carroll Buxton Deputy Chief Executive  Director £90,000 - £94,999 n/a
Douglas Cowan Director of Communities and Place Director £95,000 - £99,999 n/a
Nicholas Kenton Director of Finance and Corporate Services Director £90,000 - £94,999 n/a
David Oxley Director of Business Growth Director £90,000 - £94,999 n/a
Martin Johnson     Director of Strategy and Regional Economy Director £80,000 - £84,999 n/a
Sandra Dunbar Director of Business Improvement and Internal Audit  Executive 2 £75,000 - £79,999 n/a
Karen Moncrieff   Director of Human Resources Executive 2 £75,000 - £79,999 n/a
Rachel Hunter Director of Service Delivery Executive 2 £70,000 - £74,999 n/a



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