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My life in the Highlands and Islands research

In 2022, Ipsos undertook research on behalf of HIE to explore the views and experiences of individuals living, working and studying in communities across the Highlands and Islands on a range of topics including:

  • access to services and reliance on and experience of different modes of transport;
  • perceptions of life in the region including housing challenges and the business landscape;
  • employment, entrepreneurship, skills and training
  • net zero including household fuel use, energy efficiency, green jobs and electric vehicles,
  • community optimism, pride, participation
  • what communities need to thrive in future.

The study involved a large-scale survey or residents of the Highlands and Islands, conducted from 28th January to 25th March 2022 using a ‘push-to-web’ methodology. In total 5,301 adults aged 16+ living in the region responded from across 4,442 individual households. A series of six focus groups were also undertaken to garner additional insights into the cost of living, entrepreneurship, training and employment opportunities and net zero aspirations.

The full report, summary findings and area specific profiles are available to download below.

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