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Cta Man

Support for Businesses

There are a number of different support services available for businesses in our region.

Helping you find the support you need 

Working with a wide range of partners, we can help you find the support you need to develop your business or social enterprise.

In our area, there are strong links between public sector organisations, industry, academic bodies and specialist expert services which makes it easier for you to tap into the support you need, when you need it.

Along with our local authorities, Business Gateway, Skills Development Scotland and Scottish Development International, we offer a full range of products and services to tackle everything from business planning to product development, financing, skills, growth and exporting, as well as helping you develop fair work and inclusive approach to your business development. 


How can we help?

We offer a number of different products and services which could be beneficial to you. We also hold a range of events and workshops throughout the year based in locations across our region.

Who We Help Stock 3

We offer support to a number of different businesses based across our region.


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