Tune into Tourism

Tourism is a big talking point in the Highlands - and we’re bringing the conversation to you.

Our regular presenters, Julia Sutherland and Richard Melvin, are back with the latest in the Tune into Tourism series designed to help you improve, innovate and grow your tourism business. Whether you’re an accommodation provider, visitor attraction/experience, restaurant or bar, tour operator or activity provider, our programme will help you keep up to date with industry trends and insights. 

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In the mean time, have a look at some of our previous programmes below. In 2019 we had a look at the themes of Wellness - how holiday makers are looking for an escape that includes health and well-being, and Speak Scotland - how tourism businesses can harness the power of our native languages to help increase visitor numbers. 


Tune into Tourism

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Watch our Wellness webinar series.

Wellness Tourism

Research suggests that 50% of people in the UK understand the need to do more to look after their health and wellbeing - and a growing number are actively seeking ways to bring wellness into their holiday and travel plans.

With our beautiful scenery, open spaces and a wealth of activities, Scotland is the perfect location to switch off and enjoy a well-deserved break - and a go to location for travellers around the globe. 

Have a look at our playlist of videos from this previous Tune into Tourism series. The valuable insights are delivered by industry experts who’ll help you:

  • Identify wellness travellers, find out where they’re coming from and what they’re looking for.
  • Analyse current wellness products in Scotland, and how businesses can take advantage of current trends.
  • Consider how to adapt your business to help you tap into this growing market.

Click on the video on the left to watch the playlist in full or use the link below to go to YouTube to scroll through the library and select which additions you'd like to watch. 

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Speak Scotland - harness the power of our native languages

In this fast-moving consumer marketplace, Scotland needs to continually make the most of its distinctive strengths and keep up with growing competition. Many visitors who come to Scotland to learn more about our history and culture - and in 2018, we responded with an exciting initiative. 

Our recent series of webinars, Speak Scotland, has finished but we’re busy turning the videos into a toolkit so don't worry if you missed the live series.

For businesses looking to offer something unique, the traditional languages of Gaelic and Scots are a fantastic resource. Harnessing the power of our native languages enables you to:

  • offer your guests and customers a unique and authentic experience
  • attract new customers and open up international markets
  • stay one step ahead of the competition

Find out more and watch again here