The Entrepreneurial Academy

Inspiration and advice for ambitious entrepreneurs.


Designed for entrepreneurs, this programme will provide you with a suite of one-day, practice-based workshops that will elevate your skills and knowledge. 

Delivered by experts who have hands-on experience of running a business and supporting entrepreneurs, you will develop critical skills and thinking and be equipped with the structures, tools and techniques needed to implement the learning in your own business. You can feel comfortable troubleshooting your business challenges with the support of an expert provider and the input of other entrepreneurs gathered in the room. It’s the ideal opportunity to learn new skills or refresh your knowledge. 


No future workshops are scheduled at this current time.

Cost of attending the workshops

Attendance at the workshops is free of charge but, in order to comply with European Union Regulations, the support is awarded as De Minimis Aid or Start Up Aid, as appropriate. This means you will be sent an application form to complete, including a State Aid declaration, before being offered a place at a workshop. After you have attended the workshop, you will receive a State Aid letter outlining the value of this support. The State Aid value of each workshop varies from approximately £350 - £700.



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No further workshops are scheduled at the moment. If you would like to find out more get in touch with a member of our team to help.

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This workshop focuses on helping you to get your message, personality and credibility across clear and consistently in every pitch. The workshop teaches you practical tips and techniques and assists you to structure your pitch for maximum impact. At the end of the workshop you will understand how make your pitch simple, clear and memorable for every audience and will have a compelling and engaging 60 second pitch for your company, which you will then be able to adapt for every occasion. Workshop delivered by Maryanne Johnston, Founder, Maryanne Johnston Associates

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This workshop will help you identify and prioritise what you are looking to gain through digital channels – such as more sales, brand awareness or better customer support – and will explore the techniques and tactics to achieve these goals. You will be given an overview of best practice use of digital platforms (website, social media and email) to build market intelligence, engage with your customers and gain business insights to inform your digital strategy. You will learn how to monitor and evaluate your efforts and will leave the workshop with an action plan for your business.

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The HIE Entrepreneurial Academy workshops were excellent and have really added value to my business and accelerated our plans for growth.
Catherine Bunn, Director, Highland Campervans


This workshop provides you with a structured ten step process to develop or evaluate your own brand and shows how you can use your brand to differentiate your business in a crowded market. You will learn how to communicate the vision, mission and values of your business or social enterprise and gain knowledge on how to build a brand architecture that reflects your company’s operations and your customers’ experiences. At the end of the workshop you will have an improved knowledge of what a brand is and why it should inform decision making within your business. You will leave the workshops with a toolkit to implement the learning in your company. Workshop delivered by Lesley Thomson, Managing Director, Spreng Thomson and Janice Kirkpatrick, Creative Director, Graven Images.    

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This workshop gives you a structured six-point process to help understand the selling cycle from initial research to generate leads to post-sale management of the account. It provides you with practical tools and techniques to build rapport with potential customers, understand buyers’ motivations, present the features and benefits of your product or service, handle objections and close the sale. You will learn the theory of selling and gain the practical skills to achieve profitable sales for your company and leave the workshop with actions to implement in your business. Workshop delivered by Matthew Quinn, Founder, Future Sales Factory.

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