Technology Placements

Fresh ideas and new ways to benefit your business through technology.

What it is

The Technology Placement Programme gives businesses affordable access to high-performing graduates and students who can apply the latest technologies to specific projects to raise productivity and performance, and increase competitive status.

The programme creates new directions for your business - and delivers exciting opportunities for graduates and students. For Highland businesses keen to adopt and pursue new technologies, paid work placements are a dynamic, affordable route to stimulating growth, kick-starting change, and discovering young talent - an arrangement with the potential to deliver long-term prospects for both students and businesses.

Graduate placements provide opportunities for up to a year, while student placements provide opportunities for a maximum of 12 weeks full time or 22 weeks pro rata. All student placements are promoted via ScotGrad.

Graduates and students seeking these positions have normally studied subjects such as: engineering, computer science and electronics.

Find the gap in your business that a graduate or student could fill - and get in touch to find out more!

How can it help my business?

You could be a hotelier needing to develop a sophisticated booking system, or a manufacturer exploring product development, or perhaps you’re an electronics company developing advanced robotics, or a design house needing cybersecurity systems. Whatever your business, you can gain a competitive advantage by introducing young talent with a progressive take on today’s commercial climate and the opportunities it presents.

How is it funded? 

This programme is a project delivered by the Northern Innovation Hub. This is part of the Inverness and Highland City-Region Deal - a joint initiative supported by £315m investment from the UK and Scottish governments, The Highland Council, HIE and University of the Highlands and Islands. This programme also receives financial support from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) through the Innovation strategic intervention.

Technology Placement Programme

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Tech Out your business with a student or a graduate

Businesses looking to bring in a student to help develop products and services can offer a placement of up to 12 weeks - ideal for shorter-term projects.

For businesses looking for longer-term support, graduate placements can be offered for up to one year.

With a 50% salary contribution available for student and graduate placements, it’s a cost-effective way of accessing technological expertise at a competitive cost.

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