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Energy Systems Toolkit

The Energy Systems Toolkit (the ‘Toolkit’) is aimed at organisations, community groups or businesses, at different stages in the project development process, whether exploring ideas to develop into a project or additional options to include in a current project.

The Toolkit aims to provide further information to organisations on energy systems topics that will help determining whether a project idea is viable or highlight alternative options that should be considered.

The Toolkit also provides support through the development process to construction, highlighting any support available to them. This could include:

        • Signposting businesses or communities to additional support (technical or financial) in developing their project, to potential project partners or to potential sources of funding;

        • Provide detail on key considerations and barriers across different technology projects; or

        • Highlight different technology projects and themes that have been developed successfully across Scotland.

The guidance for each topic provides you with useful information and actions to take forward a community energy project. 

Commissioned by HIE and produced by Ricardo Energy & Environment, the Toolkit links to other relevant guidance documents such as the CARES Toolkit, which can be used in parallel.

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