Planning for International Growth

This programme is targeted at Highlands and Islands companies that are ready to expand into new international markets, or expand on current exporting operations.

Who are they for?

These FREE group workshops run for between one up to four days depending on the topic and sector and are open to all businesses in the Highlands and Islands.

How do they work?

The dynamic workshops are delivered by an experienced facilitator with many years’ experience in international business and exporting.

They focus on good export practice rather than academic learning, allowing for maximum interaction between participants. Within this peer group forum, participants develop their capability in export skills, exchange ideas and learn from the facilitator and each other.


Upcoming events

Find upcoming workshops on our events page, just filter by exporting. You can also contact us at for more information.

Events and Training

How your company will benefit:

  • increased awareness of opportunities offered by exporting;
  • better understanding of necessary skills and resources for successful exporting – and how to sustain it;
  • learn how market research can screen and select the right export markets – and sales channel partners;
  • guidance on developing your business model, value proposition and route to market strategy;
  • advice on pricing strategy and payment methods;
  • support with creating a robust action plan for developing new international business.

How much does it cost? 

These courses are free of charge, but because it is a form of EU State Aid, it could count towards your overall De Minimis Aid allowance. Each company is allowed a total of €200,000 in De Minimis Aid over a three year period (with a lower limit for fisheries and some other categories).

Workshops are part funded through the European Regional Development Fund in partnership with Scottish Development International and HIE.

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