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Managing waste to reduce emissions.

Working towards a Circular Economy

One of the main building blocks of a greener economy is reducing waste and pollution, keeping products and materials in use for longer, regenerating natural systems.

Everyone can have a part in growing a circular economy: both producers and consumers can make choices in favour of products and services which reduce pressure on natural resources and support the creation of sustainable jobs.

Find out about help and support available, and meet some of the region's organisations leading the way sustainable use.

single use plastic water bottles

Deposit Return Scheme

Scotland is to introduce a 20p Deposit Return Scheme to support recycling of single-use drinks containers. 

Producers, hospitality venues and retailers will all have a role in delivering the scheme, which is set to be launched from July 2022. They'll be supported by Circulatory Scotland.  Find out more below at

Zero Waste Scotland

Circulatory Scotland


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