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Begin your journey to sustainability

To help you understand what questions you may need to ask, and where to look for the answers, we have gathered together the most useful links we can find to start you off on your Net Zero journey.

What is Net Zero and What Does it Mean for your Organisation?

Net Zero means achieving a state in which the activities within an organisation result in no impact on the climate from greenhouse gas emissions.

The first priority should be to reduce emissions. However, not all emissions can be avoided, so we need to create a balance by using reliable carbon offset initiatives, which remove greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere.

The Scottish Government remains committed to achieving the target of Net Zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2045 and is prioritising a green recovery from COVID19. The Highlands and Islands region is uniquely placed to contribute to the overall target and HIE is committed to support our communities and businesses through a just transition.

Climate change will affect all organisation and communities in the future, either directly or indirectly. It's important you identify what these impacts will be and how you can adapt to them.

Reduce carbon impact of operations

My organisation wants to reduce its carbon impact across operations and contribute to a green recovery.

Become more green

How can we become more green, gain green credentials and support our suppliers to do so too?

Climate change board toolkit - a 5-step toolkit designed to help non-executive directors ensure their organisation have strategic plans in place to respond to climate change.

Workshops, webinars and support

Where can we find Net Zero workshops, webinars and support?

Webinars - webinars from Zero Waste Scotland on measures organisations can take to reduce their carbon footprint.

Greening your business toolkit - a toolkit, which although aimed at the Food & Drink sector, is relevant to all sectors, on steps organisations can take to reduce their carbon footprint.

Circular economy investment fund - funding for SMEs who are helping to create a circular economy e.g by sharing, leasing, reusing, repairing, refurbishing and recycling existing materials and products.

Green network for businesses - case studies, resources, events and networking opportunities with like-minded organisations on becoming 'Green'.

Encourage and support staff/colleagues

How can we encourage and support staff/colleagues?

Encouraging active travel - resources and tools on how to encourage active travel.

Green champion training - free training (foundation to advanced) for organisations/individuals who wish to learn about resource efficiency and solutions on how to implement it in their workplace.

Staff engagement toolkit - a comprehensive toolkit with advice on setting up a green team, gaining management support and easy-to-use resources to motivate staff to save energy.

Green pledges

Where can we find green pledges?

Race to Net Zero campaign - a global campaign and support network for organisations to pledge to reach (net) zero, plan how they'll do it, take action and report their findings.

Climate hub - a pledge to cut carbon emissions in half by 2030 and to reach ‘net zero’ by 2050, including guidance, tools and a network on how to reduce an organisations carbon footprint.

Environmental impacts, waste and utilities

My organisation wants to manage its environmental impacts, waste and utilities.

Environmental impact

How do we understand our responsibilities and the organisation's environmental impact?

How to restore peatland - resources and case studies on how to restore peatland.

Helping nature adapt - resources and tools on helping nature adapt to climate change and measuring progress.

Efficiency & environmental impact measurement tools - a database of measures, good practice and technology on resource efficiency.

Sustainable development goals (SDGs) - a management toolkit which enables organisations to set goals, track progress and stay motivated on their actions toward the SDGs.

Scottish government Net Zero legislation article - an article which outlines the Scottish Government's Net Zero legislation.

Climate change act background - The Climate Change Committee outlines the Climate Change Act and organisation's legal obligations.

Reduce waste and increase efficiencies

How do we reduce utilities/waste/carbon/ emissions to ensure effective cost control and efficiencies?

Energy efficiency support - free, impartial one-to-one support from advisors and technical specialists providing energy assessments and reports with key actions and identified cost savings.

Energy management self assessment - an energy management matrix and assessment workbook to assess an organisations position on their energy management journey.

Assessing the need for lighting upgrades - a tool to help organisations assess the potential for investing in more energy efficient lighting solutions.

Construction Scotland innovation centre - resource to support organisation and community understanding of building standards and support to build strong collaborative projects which tackle construction challenges.

Reduce carbon impact of products and services

How do we reduce the carbon impact of our products, services and operations?

Baseline emissions

How do we measure our baseline emissions?

Strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from freight - a handbook to assist organisations in developing strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and overall costs linked to freight transportation.

Net Zero toolkit - a toolkit for organisations to work through eight comprehensive and scientifically sound steps that will support them to make measurable and achievable targets.

Carbon footprint calculator - a tool to assess an organisations carbon footprint (emissions).

Energy benchmark tool - tool to benchmark your organisation's energy usage.

Reduce carbon in supply chain

How do we reduce carbon in our supply chain?

Woodland creation/ carbon offsetting (sequestration) support - advice and funding on how to create your own woodland and create carbon units, carbon offsetting the supply chain.

Natural solutions to environmental challenges - Guidance and case studies on natural solutions to help tackle environmental challenges, helping organisations to mitigate carbon impact of the supply chain and adapt to climate change.

Implementing carbon farming in your supply chain - Guidance and resource on how to implement carbon farming practices into your supply chain.

Low Carbon Transport

Where can we find support for low carbon transport?

Carbon offsetting organisational transport - a tool to calculate emissions with guidance and resource on how to reduce and offset those emissions.

Electric vehicle loan for business - financial support towards the purchase of a used electric vehicle.

Transportation efficiency guidance - resources on reducing Green House Gasses (GHGs) from the global movement of goods including tools, case studies and videos.

Find business support

For details of all the public sector support available to help businesses reduce their emissions, please visit:


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