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Enabling. Inspiring. Connecting. Supporting.

What is it?

The Highland Food & Drink Innovation Network supports food and drink companies across the region to promote and develop new collaborations, identify opportunities for growth, improve productivity and access new markets.

Through the network, we want to help increase innovation and the use of technology specific to businesses in the food and drink sector.

The network is led by industry experts who have the knowledge to help you increase business impacts, stimulate learning, and to encourage collaboration and best practice across the sector.

How will I benefit?

By participating in the network, you will

  • Learn about new technologies and how to put them to use within your business
  • Be supported by industry expertise to identify opportunities to increase productivity, reach and competitiveness
  • Discover new opportunities to collaborate and adopt innovative practices to support your business growth ambitions and overcome challenges to increase productivity.

Who’s it for?

The network is open to all food and drink businesses across the Highland region.

Who's it led by?

Consultancy firm Rural Matters LLP will support and facilitate the Network. 


If you'd like more information or a chat about the network, please email us.

Get in touch

We want to inspire and assist companies to improve productivity, develop new market opportunities and stimulate collaborations with confidence and ambition.
Natalie Dillon, Development Manager, Food and Drink - Northern Innovation Hub

Webinar - Food and Health - How to make your food product healthier

Webinars and podcasts

What can businesses do to make their products healthier?

Find out in our recent webinar featuring Catriona Liddle from Queen Margaret University’s Scottish Centre for Food Development & Innovation, and Joanne Burns, Reformulation for Health Manager at Food and Drink Federation Scotland (FDFS).

Together, they lead a discussion on how food and drink businesses in the Highlands can reformulate recipes to make their products healthier. 

The Highland Good Food Podcast series 

This season of the Highland Good Food Podcast series is all about stories. We'll be sharing food stories from folk who are already doing amazing things with food around the Highlands.

Episode 1 - Salami, seaweed and beer!

In episode 1 we hear from Anja Baak from Great Glen Charcuterie, Sam Faircliff from Cairngorm Brewery, Keith Paterson from SHØRE Seaweed and David Gass at the Highland Food & Drink Innovation Network. What drives them, and why they are so passionate about food in the Highlands. 

Listen now

How is it funded?

This programme is a project delivered by the Northern Innovation Hub. This is part of the Inverness and Highland City-Region Deal - a joint initiative supported by £315m investment from the UK and Scottish governments, The Highland Council, HIE and University of the Highlands and Islands. This programme also receives financial support from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) through the Innovation strategic intervention.


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