Economic recovery and how to return to work safely

As we ease out of lockdown, look towards getting back to work and how the economy can recover post COVID-19, the Scottish Government and partner organisations are publishing guidance on the steps we all need to take. 

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Working towards economic recovery

Published 22 June 2020

The independent Advisory Group on Economic Recovery has published its report: Towards a Robust, Resilient Wellbeing Economy for Scotland

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The Advisory Group on Economic Recovery was set up in April 2020 by the Scottish Government to provide expert advise on supporting Scotland’s economy to recover from the impacts of COVID-19.

The report has 25 recommendations identifying interventions to support Scotland’s economic recovery and facilitate the transition towards a greener, fairer and more inclusive economy with wellbeing at its heart.

The remit of the group, set by the Economy Secretary, was that it should advise on the economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, including:

  • measures to support different sectoral and regional challenges the economy will face in recovery
  • how business practice will change as a result of COVID-19, including opportunities to operate differently, and how government policy can help the transition towards a greener, net-zero and wellbeing economy.

HIE Chair, Alistair Dodds commented on the report:

“It’s clear that the Highlands and Islands, and other rural areas, can play a central role in delivering Scotland’s economic recovery.

“Its emphasis on regionally-driven development, underpinned by effective co-ordination between public bodies, aligns completely with our direction of travel as an agency.

“Many of the recommendations also highlight the significant potential of our islands and the rural mainland, particularly when that is supported by investment in digital infrastructure including high-speed broadband and mobile technology.

“Sectors including tourism, food and drink, and creative industries that are particularly strong in the Highlands and Islands are highlighted as having national significance.

“The region’s potential to play a leading role in developing the green economy is another aspect that we are committed to developing.

“The report also clearly understands the vital role of the third sector and communities in delivering recovery, which is very encouraging.

“Highlands and Islands Enterprise is pleased to welcome this report and look forward to adopting its recommendations in our own forward planning and actions.”

Download the report

Guidance for businesses on returning to work safely  

As we ease out of lockdown, according to the Scottish Government's route map, many businesses have concerns of how they and their employers get back to work safely. 

The UK and Scottish Government continue to publish updated guidance on the steps you need to take and what will help you resume business within the current limitations. 

Updates are published on daily so keep an eye on that site and if you sign-up for the email updates, you'll be notified of all available support and guidance as it's issued. 

We've highlighted some of the key guidance below by Government and other partners which may help you manage your next steps.