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Housing, jobs, schools, medical services, leisure facilities, even the location of your nearest take-away. Can you access the things you want in your community?



My life in the Highlands and Islands survey

Housing, jobs, education, local services, and transport. Can you access the things you want in your community?

We’ve asked Ipsos MORI to invite 13,000 households across the region to take part in a survey to get a snapshot of what's important to local people in our communities. The findings will help us support social and economic growth.

Invitations to take part will be dropping through doors soon. If you're selected, we'd love to hear from up to two members of the household - including any young adults, 16-29 years olds. It will only take 20 minutes to complete.

You can only take part in My Life in the Highlands and Islands if selected. The sample has been chosen at random to avoid any bias. 

My Life in the Highlands and Islands - movers

We’re also looking for people currently living outside the Highlands and Islands who want to move here or come home. Just how easy or difficult is it to make the move to live, work or study here? Could you share your experiences as part of our ‘My Life in the Highlands and Islands’ research project?

Anyone interested in taking part can sign up here for more information. 

The findings from the survey will be published here in our reports section when concluded. 


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