Building Scotland Fund

Funding for growth.

The £150 million Building Scotland Fund helps non public sector organisations with development projects.

This includes new affordable and private sector housing; modern industrial and commercial property; and supports industry-led research and development.

Criteria and availability 

Funding is available up to March 2021 so is best used to help projects that are at a later stage of development. This means funding is unlikely to be available if your project is at a concept stage.

Support will be given as loans which will need to be paid back, or as equity finance.

The funding is likely to be for projects that need over £1 million, and the specific amount available will vary depending on the project.

The loan will not cover the entire cost of a project, and applicants still need to find some of the money themselves.

Who can apply

The fund is open to non-public sector organisations, such as:

  • businesses
  • housing associations
  • universities

How to apply

When you apply, you'll be asked to send a business plan. Your business plan should show:

  • why the project needs public sector funding
  • why the project cannot be funded in another way, for example through your own resources, a bank loan

Housing, industrial or commercial projects will also need to show their planning consent documents – if they have them.

Find out more

As of June 2019, the Fund has allocated £94 million to housing, regeneration, industrial and commercial property projects.

For details on the projects and on how to apply follow the link.

Building Scotland Fund