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Live local, work global in the Highlands and Islands

A dynamic career and quality of life. Who says you can't have it all?

Our region is home to world class research and development facilities and businesses operating in life sciences. As an agency we've spent 15 years investing in the perfect environment to support the clusters of expertise growing here.

The sector in Scotland is one of the largest in Europe, providing more than 41,000 jobs across more than 770 multinational corporations, SMEs and start-ups. It contributes £2.4 billion to the Scottish economy.

Cutting edge company, ODx Innovations, has set up its international base at Inverness Campus. Find out why they've chosen the Highlands, and about the opportunities for local and international talent to work here. 


Outside Solasta House building on Inverness Campus

About ODx

Inverness-based business ODx is developing a device that helps detect the ability of urinary tract infections (UTIs) to resist antibiotics. 

The technology, currently going through clinical studies, will help patients by getting faster diagnosis and treatment. It will also save NHS costs on hospital admissions, lab time and reducing antibiotic prescriptions. 

ODx’s solution can provide answers for treatment options within an hour, instead of the current time of two to three days. 

Bringing 60 new jobs to the Highlands

ODx Innovations (ODx) established its medical technology business on Inverness Campus in August 2019, with a £1.75m R&D grant from HIE, as part of a wider investment round. 

Their first product in development is a rapid, point of care test for Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) that aims to support effective treatment decisions.

In July 2020, ODx announced expansion of its headquarters by creating up to 60 jobs. The new roles, based in Inverness, will include assembly technicians, lab, office and clinical staff. It's an exciting place to work, bringing together a wide range of local and international talent. 

ODx is based in Solasta House, the £4.5m life sciences building developed by HIE on Inverness Campus, with £1.5m from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). 

The company utilised its analytics equipment, processes and expert management in setting up clinical testing and diagnostics for COVID-19, in collaboration with other firms on the Campus. 

CEO of ODx, Giles Hamilton said: “Our local partnerships, support from HIE and the commitment to medical technology from the Scottish Government were big factors in ODx deciding to place these jobs in Inverness rather than overseas. 

“We hope the creation of these positions will also help bolster the local economy as we all tackle the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.” 

Meet some of the team in our film and hit the link if you'd like to see their current vacancies.

ODx careers

“I was looking for work in Scotland and always thought of the Highlands as a beautiful place to visit, but I didn’t expect to find work here in my industry.
Cristina Martin, Lab Technician, ODx

ODx clinical co-ordinator Craig Millar

Craig has returned home to Scotland from a 'Groundhog Day' work lifestyle in London. He's replaced a gruelling commute with valuable free time to spend with his partner Emma, who has also found an Orthoptist position with NHS Highland.

ODx lab technician Cristina Martin

Growing up in Madrid, Cristina never imagined that she would find her perfect job in microbiology by moving to the Highlands, but having found an ideal role at ODx she has thrown herself into a new life.

ODx instrumentation engineer Jens Kellner

Jens is from Germany, and has been working in the UK for two years in aerospace and the medical sectors. He had made a link with the Highlands studying with the University of the Highlands and Islands. He is delighted to combine his perfect job, in an amazing location with a friendly, laid back lifestyle

ODx had considered Dublin, Paris and San Francisco for our headquarters but for a whole host of reasons decided on Inverness and its world class Campus. Chief among these is the existence of a high level of well-trained people locally.
Giles Hamilton, CEO, ODx Innovations

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Inverness Campus

ODx is just one of several cutting-edge life sciences organisations based at Inverness Campus. This 215-acre site developed by HIE brings together private companies, research organisations, academia and the NHS to pursue a range of life sciences initiatives.

Inverness Campus

aerial view of Inverness Campus looking south


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