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Cta Man


HIE supported the Argyll based business to innovate


Hear how innovation and HIE's support helped Crùbag develop

Oban-based Crùbag, a textile company inspired by marine research and oceans, create one-of-a-kind print designs and sustainable luxury accessories.

Benefitting from a base within the Scottish Association for Marine Science, adjacent to HIE’s European Marine Science Park, the business uses its distinctive marine surroundings to help inspire design.

Crùbag’s owner and founder, Jessica Giannotti, originally born in Venezuela and with Italian heritage, uniquely combines her culture with her background as a marine science graduate bringing research and creative design together. Jessica’s passion for Scotland's natural environment along with ocean science has grown over the years and is what led to the foundation of Crùbag.

As a passionate advocate of innovation, Jessica believes it is a crucial factor in business growth.

For me, innovation is something that should always be present in our business discussions. If we don’t solve problems, we become stagnant.
Jessica Giannotti, Owner and founder, Crùbag
The European Marine Science Park

Getting that extra edge

So, it’s no surprise that the business constantly innovates and by working with HIE has had its innovation journey enriched.

Jessica said:

“HIE has always been on my side from the very beginning. I’ve benefited from their courses, mentorship, network introductions and small grant funding. It’s been a generous, very human, informative experience. An essential one too, as often businesses are left to fend for them themselves but partnering with HIE gives you that extra edge.”


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