Time: 11:00 - 12:15
Cost: Free

The role of food tourism in Scotland’s tourism recovery, post COVID-19

Destinations around the world have, in recent years, been developing food tourism strategies and plans to attract visitors from near and far. Food tourism has become mainstream in the visitor economy, with people travelling for unique, memorable food and drink experiences and willing to spend more money to do so. Scotland launched its first national food tourism action plan in 2018, a partnership between Scotland Food and Drink and The Scottish Tourism Alliance.

This webinar, delivered by Interface, will explore how food tourism can contribute to Scotland’s tourism recovery, post COVID-19, and what this means for businesses while being mindful of how to balance the needs of the local economy with those of local communities.

Included its top ten predictions for the new food tourism, the World Food Travel Association suggests that “smaller companies can gain market share from leaders who are failing to innovate right now, many weaker businesses might also success by pivoting to a new business model”, and that “consumers can expect to see a greater respect for, and interest in, local culinary cultures and sustainability”.

Our speakers will set the scene and explore what approach businesses can take, look at current trends, business opportunities, challenges and concerns, and share recent survey results from one of Scotland’s regional food groups which has reported a record rise in support for buying local.


  • Fiona Richmond, Head of Regional Food, Scotland Food & Drink will share current food and drink sector insights and highlight food tourism opportunities for businesses
  • Chris Moule, Head of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Robert Gordon University will discuss how innovation and entrepreneurship can help businesses gain competitive advantage and remain resilient
  • Dr Julie Clark, Senior Lecturer, Division of Social Sciences, University of the West of Scotland, will explore how strategic collaborative working can revitalise rural economies 
  • Lorna Young, Marketing & Economic Development Consultant and co-founder of Dumfries & Galloway food brand Savour the Flavours, will share recently published (June 2020) survey results which found ‘unprecedented’ levels of support in the region for buying local

The webinar will last 1 hour and 10 minutes. Each speaker will have a 10 minute-slot, and there will be a Q&A of 20 minutes at the end. The webinar will be recorded and participants will be provided with follow-up information.