Time: 10:00 - 11:00
Cost: Free

Selling globally with Amazon

Did you know that over half of Amazon’s sales are made by businesses just like yours?

This vast online marketplace provides a structured selling framework and presents an unrivalled opportunity for sellers to reach a wide range of customers – both in the UK and overseas. If you’re looking to start-up, or expand your retail business, then you need to think about Amazon.

This webinar will cover the following areas:

• Selling on Amazon – what’s in it for your business?

• Listing your products on the Amazon Marketplace

• Optimising your presence on Amazon

• Handling your customers, orders and returns

• Selling in the UK and overseas after Brexit

In this session you’ll learn all the basics about opening, running and growing your own Amazon store. You will also hear more about what to expect from a post Brexit retail environment.