Location: #hellodigital, Inverness
Time: 05:30 pm - 08:30 pm
Cost: Free

RI Christmas Lecture Live Screening - Inverness

About this Event

Experience the magic of the worlds longest-running science lecture series live from the BBC! Join us for Scotland’s only behind-the-scenes screenings as Dr Hannah Fry shows us how an unseen layer of maths drives everyday life in powerful and surprising ways.

Find out how to get lucky. The biggest events in your life – finding the perfect partner or a job, staying healthy and happy – rely on a huge element of luck. Or do they? Find out how to get lucky with all of your Christmas crackers, and how probability, statistics and game theory can explain our ‘luck’.

The evening will be packed with mind-boggling demos and experiments from the Science Skills Academy team.

This event is suitable for ages 11+

All adults MUST be accompanied by a child!