Time: 10:30 - 11:30
Cost: Free

Seafood on a plate at Captain's Galley seafood restaurant, Scrabster, Caithness

Food and Drink opportunities in the Middle East

This webinar will be useful for all Scottish food and drink companies either currently supplying to or targeting the UAE and the wider Middle East market. The webinar will provide you with an understanding of the Middle East region, the opportunities it has to offer and how Scottish Development International (SDI) can support you in this market.

Ali S. Ali, food and drink specialist - Middle East, Scottish Development International (SDI)

  • Overview of food and drink Sector in the UAE and wider Middle East 
  • Trends and opportunities 
  • Routes to Market 
  • Trade Barriers 
  • Business culture and etiquette

Tony Colley, Director, TACCT Global 

  • Overview of the Retail & Food Service Sectors in the UAE and wider Middle East
  • Opportunities in the Middle East Q&A