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Cta Man

Time: 10:00 - 11:00

Fair flexible work for Scotland

We're partnering with Scottish Enterprise, South of Scotland Enterprise and flexible working experts Timewise, to provide a Scottish Government-funded webinar for employers in Scotland, on how to make hybrid and flexible working a success.

The pandemic has driven a fundamental rethink in how we work and shifted expectations amongst both employers and candidates. Flexible working is now a key criteria for candidates. However, in Scotland, only one in four job vacancies reference that flexible working is available at the point of hire. As the number of vacancies continues to rise across the UK and labour shortages persist, employers who offer flexible working will have a competitive advantage in reaching a wider and more diverse talent pool and to tackling increasing skills shortages.

This webinar will provide up-to-date insights and examples of how to address key issues such as:  

  • how to develop a clear vision and set of principles for hybrid working
  • what to do to ensure you are taking an inclusive approach and to manage employee wellbeing
  • how to ensure you maximise the opportunity to attract as well as retain talent through flexible working



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