Location: The Pickaquoy Centre , Kirkwall
Time: 09:00am - 05:00pm
Cost: Free

Strengthening Communities Conference, Aviemore. 2019.

Expert coaching in pitching and presentation skills - Kirkwall

Workshop details 

Calling all businesses in Orkney! Every day, without even realising it, you’re pitching your business to customers, suppliers, staff, the business community - not to mention your bank or other investors. Be prepared to make the most out of every opportunity by creating a persuasive 60-second pitch.

This free workshop focuses on the importance of communicating your offer, personality and professional credibility, with clarity and consistency every time. You’ll be in the capable hands of Maryanne Johnston, a professional who has specialised in pitching and presentation skills for over 16 years. With a wide client base across the UK, Maryanne has also provided coaching expertise for participants on the Converge Challenge.

This is an unmissable opportunity to pick up practical tips and learn techniques that help you structure your pitch for maximum impact – whatever the situation, and whoever is listening. You’ll come away with the tools to make your pitch clear and memorable for every audience - and you’ll have crafted a compelling 60-second pitch for those elevator scenarios!