Time: 07:00pm - 08:00pm
Cost: Free

Data Meet-up with LifeScan Scotland Ltd

In partnership with the Data Lab, HIE is delighted to be bringing you this exciting webinar where you can join a vibrant and growing community of data enthusiasts in the Highlands!

Hear from our speakers from LifeScan Scotland Ltd:

  • David Mccoll, Staff Scientist and Andrew Finlayson, Principal Engineer about The Lifecycle of SMBG Customer Data;
  • Jeffrey Rodger, Staff Statistician on Predicting Product Performance in the hands of the customer;
  • David Morris, Staff Scientist Manufacturing Engineering about the Manufacturing Data Map.

LifeScan Scotland has more than 35 years continuously moved diabetes care forward through advancing technologies and developing products defined by simplicity, accuracy, and trust. From OneTouch® brand blood glucose meters, test strips, and lancets to integrated digital systems, therapeutics, and hospital point-of-care systems, LifeScan is committed to offering best-in-class products and technology-driven solutions.