Community Assets

Funding for Community Asset Projects

Who We Work With

We work with community-led organisations with broad membership from the whole community.  The organisation usually has a strong social purpose and recognises the need to generate income to sustain its social aims. It is important the organisation is accountable to the community it serves.

HIE can offer financial assistance with capacity building relevant to eligible groups' ongoing development plans.

  • Offer a development opportunity including activities that add value locally and create economic, social and environmental opportunities.
  • Meet a community identified need with wide community support, a high degree of voluntarism and local involvement.
  • Create and support local employment opportunities.
  • Provide long-term financial viability.
  • Deliver a mix of economic, social, cultural and environmental objectives.

Types of Funding

All funding from HIE is discretionary and must be aligned with the strategic objectives of the Scottish Government Economic Strategy and HIE's Operating Plan. There are a number of basic criteria that we look for in the groups and projects we support, and intervention levels will vary depending on the needs of the project. 

To find out more about how we have helped other groups please take a look at the case studies under 'Related Documents' on the left hand side of the page.

Maximising Community Assets

HIE can offer financial assistance with capacity building relevant to eligible groups' ongoing development plans. For more information please contact

  • Attending a conference or event - costs of event fees plus travel and accommodation.
  • Knowledge exchange visit - to visit another group or host another group for the purpose of exchanging knowledge and experience.
  • Hosting capacity building events - costs of organising, managing and hosting a seminar relevant to the community assets sector.

Start-up Assistance

Start-up assistance is designed to help community groups with early investigation of a proposed purchase. Eligible costs include professional fees such as valuation, study visits to other related projects and initial community consultation.

Technical Assistance

Technical assistance is available to groups in the pre-acquisition stage and to help with bid preparation, this can include:

  • Legal services: constitutions, charitable status, advice on contracts, title deeds, property law insurance and protection against liabilities.
  • Land services: valuation advice, audit, assessment and options appraisals of land assets and land industry businesses.
  • Planning and management assistance: feasibility analysis of land, assets and businesses; business planning; organisation and project management.

Land & asset acquisition

These grants are designed to assist communities to purchase areas of land or other fixed assets, usually adjacent to, within or containing their geographic community. This can range from a whole estate to a single building, and may include development plots or other assets. Applicants have to comply with the basic criteria and the land to be purchased will require an independent valuation.

Post-acquisition development projects

Applications for capital costs or revenue funding for project-management costs can be made to the relevant HIE Area Office.

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