Chloe Steele

The student connecting with other students, musicians and communities through her online degree course.

Retaining local talent through online learning

Chloe Steele's appreciation of her cultural history is thoroughly modern.

She is connecting with musicians, students and communities both near and far from her Benbecula home through her online degree course. 

She shares her love of traditional music by teaching the next generation of musicians through Feis, she's travelled to Asturias in Spain to encourage fellow musicians there to sing in Gaelic, and she is part of a project using music as therapy for dementia. 

She's researched traditional songs from Uist to perform and record, and she's composed music which explores environmental themes and erosion.

Celebrating culture and in a modern world

A daughter of two generations of Uist crofters, Chloe is keen to share her love of traditional music.

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