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Cta Man

Highlands and Islands Regional Food Groups conference

Published 15/12/2021 by Claire White 2 min read

I’m writing to you from my old croft house by the sea in Shetland which has weathered almost three centuries of storms like the one we’re experiencing tonight. Shed doors are locked, outdoor Christmas decorations are weighted, and the family is huddled by the stove as the midwinter howl of wind and wave grow louder.

At challenging times like these we take strength from our surroundings. We recall ancestral stories of survival against the odds, reference local weather lore in planning our movements, and cling to the knowledge that darkness and light will soon trade places.

We’ve all weathered unimaginable storms this past year, but if ever there were people to survive what the world has thrown at us recently, it’s highlanders and islanders. History tells us that pairing unparalleled natural resources with the wisdom and resilience of people who live here always delivers a brighter dawn.

The first Highlands and Islands Regional Food Groups online conference takes place on Wednesday 9 February 2022 between 9.30am and 1pm. This gathering is organised by and for Highlands and Islands food and drink enthusiasts, myself included. It's a morning for us to be together, to lift our heads from the maelstrom of business survival, to take inspiration from role models, to talk, to plan, to recharge.

Conference topics have been selected by regional food groups. Attracting and retaining staff, food and drink tourism, net zero, funding, and collaboration are things we need practical help to achieve. Our speakers on these subjects have walked the talk in their own businesses or are experts in their fields. They’ll leave you feeling inspired and better informed on these subjects by sharing their experiences and answering your questions.

If you’re a regional food group member, board member, manager or stakeholder anywhere in the highlands and islands, then this conference is for you. You’ll have the chance to network with food and drink contacts elsewhere if that’s your thing, or you can simply listen and perhaps respond to the programme of solid, relevant content via our interactive event platform. New connections and opportunities will be created throughout the morning, helping grow our sector and increase our voice.

Please join us around the virtual highlands and islands stove in the new year to swap stories and prepare for a brighter 2022.

Wishing you a healthy and happy festive season meantime…



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