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Operating Plan 2021

Action for jobs and communities


Our three-year strategy 2019-22 sets out our ambition for each and every part of the Highlands and Islands. Our Operating Plan is updated annually inline with the strategy to ensure our focus, resources and activity is targeted where most needed.

Operating plan 2021

The scale and severity of the economic challenges triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020-21 have been felt around the world. Within the UK, the impact on rural businesses and communities has been considerable.

Against that background, this plan sets out HIE’s approach to respond to these challenges, strengthen the resilience of our regional economy and accelerate sustainable recovery in every part of the Highlands and Islands.

Jobs and communities are our prime focus, whether we are delivering projects at our own hand, investing to support third parties, or working collaboratively with local and national partners to help create a better future for our region and its people.

Our initial emphasis must be on resilience, restart and recovery, in the context of both the pandemic and the changes introduced by the UK’s exit from the European Union. However, it is also vital that we continue to pursue and develop opportunities to deliver significant growth in the medium to long-term, especially in our islands and rural mainland areas.

You can download the full operating plan below. 

Operating plan 2021


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