If you have any questions about trading with Ukraine or Russia, the Find Business Support website has the latest updates and links to further support.


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How we provide support

As an organisation we provide support to businesses, social enterprises and communities in many different ways.


We work with businesses, communities and social enterprises of all sizes and across all sectors. Our support includes providing advice, funding and property, as well as running events and workshops to meet our customer's needs. 

We look to match our support to our customers needs. This can range from a one off event right through to a full development programme.  

We welcome enquiries from businesses, representatives of local communities and social enterprises, who would like to explore working with us. 

To speak to someone and find out how we can work with you, please contact your local HIE Area Office

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Who we help and how

Businesses and social enterprises 

We work with businesses and social enterprises of all sizes across the Highlands and Islands. Through a diverse package of advice, events, funding and property, we can help you grow. 

Find out more in our business support section. 


Communities in the Highlands and Islands offer a diverse range of resources, opportunities and skills. Our ambition is to see every community across the area reach its full potential. We have been nurturing the development of dynamic and sustainable communities for over 50 years.

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Events and workshops

Are you looking for expert advice but don't know where to find it? We run a number of different FREE workshops and seminars throughout the year with a variety of guest speakers and based in locations across our region. 

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Funding and investment

We offer a number of different funding and investment opportunities.

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HIE has been brilliant at helping us develop our plans to export. We’re exporting to Australia, France, Canada, New Zealand, China and the USA, and want to do more in Korea, Thailand and Belgium.
Lewis Maclean, Managing Director, Maclean's Bakery


We have an extensive property portfolio managed by our specialist property team. If you're looking to base your business here, move to a new location within the region or just need help identifying what's available, get in touch.

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Open farm land behind the Enterprise Park in Foress


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