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What is it?

Green Offshore Tech aims to boost cross-sectoral innovation among groups of SMEs using one or more enabling technologies to develop sustainable products, processes or services in four offshore sectors.

SMEs with innovative business ideas to develop green, clean and sustainable products, services or processes can apply for up to €60,000. Successful projects will be offered support to develop their ideas and to collaborate with international partners to penetrate the market. This first funding call will support up to 50 businesses.

Through a competitive model, partners will work with the successful companies to provide a structured framework to drive innovation, direct financial support and provide a range of dedicated and tailored business support services.

What can the funding be used for?

This Call for Proposals aims to support SMEs and the development of new products, processes, or services for Green Offshore Production and Transport.

The project focuses on aquaculture, renewable energy, oil and gas and waterborne transport sectors. It seeks solutions from four topic areas - advanced materials, advanced manufacturing and digitalisation, environment technologies and new energy carriers:

Am I eligible? 

To be eligible, a project proposal must address at least one of the four topics below, and in that topic, it must address one of the fields:

Topic 1: Advanced Materials

  • Development and production of advanced materials and structures designed to function in the exposed offshore environment;
  • Of particular interest are materials that are either eco-designed, corrosion resistant, light weight, cost-effective or durable. Solutions suitable include materials for offshore multi-use platforms, wind farms and aquaculture as well as vessels

Topic 2: Advanced Manufacturing & Digitalization (IoT, AI, Big data)

  • Digitalisation and data technologies for working in offshore environments;
  • Inspection, monitoring, testing integrity;
  • Robotic and digital solutions with a focus on improving operational and personnel health and safety;
  • Innovative technologies supporting greater resilience of passenger, supply and emergency transport services.

Topic 3: Environmental Technologies (Circular economy – Waste Prevention, Reuse, Recycle, Recovery)

  • Reduction of waste and environmental impact through prevention, reuse, recycling and recovery.
  • Innovative technologies supporting circular economy throughout the value chain, from design to decommissioning.
  • Innovative technologies supporting energy efficiency and water efficiency throughout the value chain.
  • Innovative technologies that provide solutions for and mitigate against the impacts of climate change and greenhouse gas emissions, including carbon capture and storage (CCS).

Topic 4: New Energy Carriers (Hydrogen, Methanol, Ammonia, Lithium-ion Cell)

  • Innovative technologies to support the capture, storage and transportation of energy to the end user.
  • Decarbonisation and modernisation of waterborne transport products, services and fleets.
  • Development of complimentary onshore infrastructure.
  • Development of onshore infrastructure, including requirements for clean energy waterborne transport, production, repairs, and maintenance.

How to apply

Visit the GreenOffshoreTech website to find out more and apply.

Proposals must be submitted by 6 July.

Background to funding:

The international consortium involved in this call was recently granted a total of €5m from Horizon 2020 to support the implementation of GreenOffshoreTech. Consortium partners include: HIE, Scotland; MNU, Norway; Forum Ocean, Portugal; Cleantech, Latvia; Centrum Kooperacji Recyklingu, Poland; Composites United, Germany; Cluster Mechatronik and Automoation Management, Germany; Iceland Ocean Cluster, Iceland; and Maritime Cluster Norddeutschland, Germany.

Green Offshore Tech open call

Find out more about the topics and projects eligible for funding and apply by 6 July.

GreenOffshoreTech website


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