What is fibre broadband?
Can I get fibre broadband?
How do I check availability and order?
What will happen when I order fibre broadband?
Do I need a phone line to order fibre broadband?
Is fibre broadband more expensive than my current broadband?
What to do when orders go wrong – the checker says I can get fibre but I can’t?
The checker says I’m connected to a fibre cabinet but my line may be too long to benefit. What does that mean?
The checker says broadband is in the area but isn’t available for me
The checker says my cabinet is at capacity, what does that mean?
I am in the green area on the interactive map, why can’t I order?
My exchange is enabled for fibre, why can’t I order?
Can I get a date for when a local cabinet will go live?
I have received a postcard/email saying I can order, but my provider says I can’t. What do I do?
The checker says you are exploring solutions in my area – what does that mean?
Is there funding available for businesses or communities to build their own fibre connections?
What options do I have now for better connectivity?
What happens if I can’t get superfast broadband through this project
My neighbour can order and I can’t, how can that be?
There is a cabinet close to me, can I ask Openreach to be moved into it?
How did you decide where to roll-out the fibre for the current project?
Have you taken the fibre broadband to ‘easy’ locations – and forgotten about those in harder to reach areas?
Could the project not just have replaced copper lines with fibre optic and reached everyone?
Has there been public consultation with communities about the network?
I have moved into a ‘new build’ house can you help me get fibre broadband?
What is Reaching 100% (R100) and what stage is it at?
How does the technology work?
What are Exchange Only lines?
What difference will fibre broadband make?
Will any new jobs be created or existing jobs protected as a result of the work?
I’m a business, and connectivity is a priority. What can I do?
What else is HIE doing to support digital?
I have another question
What speed should I get from fibre broadband?
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