Cope Ltd Case Study


COPE Ltd is an award-winning social enterprise, running five businesses to provide employment for people with learning disabilities in Shetland and Orkney. Enterprises include:

  • Shetland Kitchen Co.
  • Shetland Garden Co.
  • Shetland Home Co.
  • Shetland Soap Company
  • Orkney Soap

CEO Ingrid Webb believes that people with learning disabilities should have the opportunity to work and be valued within their community. COPE provides employment and skills development for adults with learning disabilities or autism spectrum disorders. To achieve this, they sell goods and services to individuals, local authorities and private businesses. All profits or surpluses are automatically reinvested in the company to fulfill its social and environmental purposes.

HIE recognised COPE’s dynamism and willingness to take on new ideas in the pursuit of growth, development and community commitment, and have been working with them to package of tailored long-term support. COPE has now been a HIE account-managed business since 2011.

The result has been a strong partnership, joining the energy and creative enthusiasm of the enterprise with a commitment to better business practice and efficiency. HIE has helped with training, developing growth plans and increasing financial sustainability. COPE is also working with HIE to develop an international strategy.

“There are huge growth opportunities,” says account manager Katrina Wiseman. “The soap and deli products have the potential to be sold all over the world.”

With access to training, funding streams and knowledge, Ingrid believes that HIE’s structured input has helped grow the enterprise’s confidence, knowledge and ambition, creating limitless horizons. Ingrid says "If you have the opportunity to work with HIE, just do it and do the very best for your company that you can. You won’t regret it!"



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