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Orkney - key sectors

Orkney is a hive of creative industry, with several internationally renowned jewellery manufacturers such as Ortak and Sheila Fleet and many professional craftspeople at work in the islands.

The main industry in Orkney is beef farming and much of the islands are turned over to farm land. Tourism is another major industry providing a wide variety of employment and income. Fishing is also an evident activity and Orkney has the largest crab processing plant in the UK.

Orkney is a hothouse for renewable energy being abundant in wind, wave and tidal resources. It is also home to the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) and a venue for a number of ground-breaking wind power developments, such as those at Burgar Hill, Stronsay, Sanday and Burray, ground heat and hydrogen projects.

The oil industry has already made its mark on Orkney with the large oil terminal on the island of Flotta.

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